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How To Increase

The Effectiveness Of Your Videos With The 3 E's

If you want your video content to get shared and liked and you want your video to compel people to take action, then you should definitely make sure each video delivers an experience for your viewers that starts with the letter E.

What are the 3 E's? They are three different types of viewer experiences that you could be looking to create when you set out to create a video--and they all start with the letter E. If you are putting out content just to check a box, that's not good enough!


People will watch videos all the way through if they are entertaining. Make them laugh and you'll get more likes and shares.


People will find your content interesting if it educates them on things they don't know or introduces them to new concepts (or even products) that solve a unique problem. Ask your content educating on something interesting to your potential viewers?


If you can't make them laugh or ooh and ahh, then make them cry. Seriously, if you can stoke people's emotions they will respond by liking and sharing your video.

We've found the 3 E's to be a great starting point for every video we create. Want to see for the videos below. Which viewer experience do you think each video is targeting? Are the videos effective at targeting that particular viewer experience?

Interested in getting some video content created that Entertains, Educates, or provokes Emotions in your viewers? Contact Bolt Video today for a Free Consultation!

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