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How is Bolt Video different from other Santa Fe video production companies ?

If you've ever shopped for video production services before, you may have been blown away by some of the price quotes you got just to have a single video made. We wouldn't be surprised if you were told it would cost many hundreds or many thousands of dollars to produce your video.


We started Bolt Video to give businesses another option to get professionally produced video content created. Our unique, technology enabled business model allows companies and organizations to easily get multiple high quality videos created for up to 90% less cost than traditional video production, and delivered in just a few days.

Call us now or schedule a free consultation and we'll share some video ideas and insights based on your goals and help you determine if Bolt Video is right for your Santa Fe area business.

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Need Santa Fe video production services for your business? Looking for a truly affordable video production company? Look no further than Bolt Video for affordable video production for your Santa Fe area business!

Truly Professional

Filmed & edited with pro gear.

Truly Affordable

Up to 90% less cost than traditional video production.

Truly Flexible

Choose full video production, editing only or videography only.

Truly Fast

Edited videos delivered in 3 days or less.

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Affordable, flexible, & fast business video production.

Bolt Video. A Colorado company.

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