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Are You Leveraging Facebook's New Cover Video Feature Yet?

Using video content to connect and communicate with your business's customers and prospective customers can be so powerful! The good news is that Vizoodeo's amazingly affordable video content creation services break down the typical barriers of entry that have caused businesses to shy away from going big with video in the past. But, we still often get questions from businesses about how to best use and share the videos we help create.

There are some obvious answers to places where video can be shared, including embedding on a business's website, posting and promoting videos on social media channels (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.), buying time on traditional media channels (TV), and sending directly to customers. There are also some less obvious ways to leverage video content to help connect and communicate with your customers. We suggest you watch the brief video first and then read the additional content in this article for more details (FYI, there is no need to click the "Click This Box" link at the end of the video since you are already on our website).

As discussed in the video, there are some really cool ways that you can share video content in ways that many people will find unexpected and delightful.

1. Facebook now lets you post a cover video where your cover photo has typically gone. This is a fantastic way to engage customers as soon as they hit your Facebook page. And, don't fool yourself into believing that your potential customers aren't using Facebook as one way to learn more about you and your business. According to Facebook (5/17) there are 1.94 Billion active users! Before you think about posting just any old video to Facebook to use as a cover video, consider the following....

  • Will your video play well without sound? The Facebook cover video doesn't automatically play with sound, so consider using a video that either uses text to tell your story, or just uses video to help create some emotion around your business or your products and services.

  • Is your video the right size? As of the writing of this article, Facebook is recommending that the size of your video is 820 x 462 pixels. So, if you try to upload a full HD video (1920 x 1080), chances are that some important parts of the video are going to be cut off and the video is going to end up looking bad on a computer, a mobile, or both. The minimum cover video size that Facebook is recommending is 820 x 312.

  • Is your video the right length? Your Facebook cover video will need to be at least 20 seconds or you won't be able to upload it. Facebook also says that the maximum length of the video is 90 seconds.

  • Feel free to bookmark this page. If anything changes, we'll make sure to update it for you as soon as we learn about it.

2. A cool way to stand out and do something different is to link to a video about you in your email signature. We'd be delighted to show you how we are leveraging this at Vizoodeo. To see what we are doing, send an email to We'll send you back an email to say hello so you'll be able to check out a video email signature video from one of our team members.

3. One more fresh way to use video content is a bit of a combo of old school meets new school. We all get tons of direct mail pieces. We all go to conferences or trade shows from time to time and get inundated with literature. We all likely are quick to throw most of it in the trash too. What if the printed pieces did more though? What if you could easily link to a video to learn more? We are working on some cool things in this area. If you are interested in learning more, please ping us at and we'll give you an update on what we are doing and give you some suggestions you could try on your own.


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