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How Often Should Your Business Create & Share New Video Content?

​In this video message, our CEO & Founder, Jeff Hatten, describes how often he believes that businesses should be creating and sharing fresh new video content. How is your business doing related to this benchmark?

Here is a transcript of what Jeff has to say in the video...

Hi there. My name is Jeff Hatten and I am the CEO and Founder of Vizoodeo. So I also like to refer to myself as our Chief Dream Officer.

Now, here's my dream. I have this vision that every business, regardless of the type, the size, the location of your business...every business has an opportunity. An opportunity to connect and communicate with your customers and your prospective customers with frequency using fresh new video content.

So here's the benchmark I'm going to set. Challenge yourself to see if you have the ability to create fresh new video content for your business at least once a week. Put fresh new video out there so your customers have the ability to get exposed to your business, your ideas, and do that at least once a week.

At Vizoodeo that's what we do. We provide an amazingly affordable video content creation service so your business has the ability to share video with your customers on a more frequent basis.I hope you'll learn more about us.


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