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Tips To Overome Being Afraid Of Being On Camera

"I don't think I'll like the way I look on video."

"Video will show people that I've aged."

"My voice sounds weird."

"I'll get too nervous."

"I'm afraid I will look stupid or silly."

It's perfectly natural to be apprehensive about putting yourself on video, to be out there for the world to see you. But you shouldn't let that apprehension paralyze you into inaction.

Video is by far the fastest growing form of media today because it connects people in ways that photos and text simply cannot do.

Video paints a vivid picture using tools like your voice, your personality, and your real expressions to make meaningful connections with your audience.

You are you! You shouldn't be shy about letting people see you and hear your voice. You are in the sales business and video is a great way to sell yourself and your brand.

Video is growing fast but it is still relatively new. This is a land grab opportunity that you'll regret not taking advantage of if you don't act soon. 

Here are 3 really simple, yet really powerful tips to getting over the fear of video.


1) Just jump in! It's kind of like getting into the pool. You try to wade in slowly and you'll endure too much pain and anticipation. It's a lot easier to just jump in and start doing it. Once you do, it's a lot easier to navigate the waters. 

2) Be authentically you! Don't try to invent a new you just because you are going to be on video. People like you and do business with you for a reason...remind them why.

3)  Have fun with it! Be yourself. Smile. Enjoy it!  You are growing and learning a new skill that will be a big part of your future business success.

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