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Why Video Is Important To Search Engine Optimization

If you own or operate a business you've no doubt heard about the importance of SEO. To get to the meat of what SEO is and why it's important, we partnered with the fine folks at Nuclear Networking out of Denver to get the straight scoop about what SEO really is. Additionally, they shared their expertise to help break down why video is a critical part of any successful SEO strategy. This is really valuable information! Enjoy!

Below are some of our favorite quotes from each video!

"We use a lot of acronyms in this space, in marketing. PPC, SEO, SEM, and more, and while some industry thought leaders call certain things SEO, others don't."

"It's extremely hard to shop for a digital marketing company, specifically one that sells SEO."

"To really simplify, SEO is the process of helping clients achieve organic visibility online."

"With data, we've actually proven that you can see better results with SEO with pay per click than without."

"Visibility is super important organically, but it does require you to earn Google's trust."

"One of the best things that a company could do is implement video on their site for search engine optimization. The reasons are a little different than you might think."

"Certain levels of media should be present on the site, like YouTube"

"We can use that video to actually influence and increase that company's presence on Google."

"If you can show a quality link on YouTube...what we've seen is that can definitely help your SEO out."

"Because we can see the data...when there is video, bounce rate decreases tremendously."

"In addition to showing up higher on Google or on YouTube, you are going to get a better customer experience."

"You can optimize keywords and specific descriptions that cater and appeal to Google's lead them to believe that you are genuinely more qualified than the other person putting up a similar video."

"YouTube optimization is very real. You need to have quality video, just like a quality website."

"Once you have quality video we can absolutely do great things with SEO..."

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