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Why Your Business Needs Internal Training Videos

No matter what business you are in, no matter your revenue or your profit margin, if you have employees, you’ve no doubt learned that it's expensive and time consuming to effectively on-board and train new hires. As your business grows, and you look to scale the quality and consistency of your training approach, you absolutely need to seek efficiencies to help you achieve effective on-boarding. It’s not only expensive and time consuming to train a new hire, but it’s even more expensive to have to retrain another new hire after someone doesn’t work out. As a result, more and more companies are looking to video and video technology to ensure better, more consistent, and more thorough training methods, and here is why you should too!

Consistency: Every manager in the world is also a human. Every human in the world from time to time has a bad day. It is highly likely that at times, training managers will have bad days and could project personal issues onto the new hires. This is an unavoidable folly of being human. By integrating training videos into the on-boarding process, companies can now create a greater level of consistency by minimizing the opportunity for human error. Employers can rest assured that every new hire will undergo the same experience and walk away with the same, vital information that they need to be successful in their new role.

Tracking: When a new hire begins the training process, there is always the tendency to take shortcuts. New hires are not immediately responsible for the well-being of the company, and until they are properly integrated into their role, they can try to get out of doing their “homework.” Video technology helps to ensure that new hires complete training programs with tracking systems. Learning Management System (LMS) software allows employers to assemble on-boarding videos, and then track the duration that the videos have been watched. This ability to track completion also provides the new hire with transparent flexibility. As long as the videos are watched, and supplemental tests are completed and submitted on time, a new hire can receive training at their leisure and the employer can check the box that the training has been properly completed.

Cultural Values: During the first few days of training, it is imperative that a company makes its new hire feel welcome and comfortable. Video offers a fabulous opportunity to sprinkle culture into the training process. Creativity and humor can make training fun rather than daunting, and companies now see video as a fantastic way to provide that softening human touch. Furthermore, routine questions pertaining to dress codes, codes of ethics, or even uncomfortable topics like sexual harassment can be easily addressed via video without human discomfort getting in the way.​​

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Executive Presence: The larger your company gets, the harder it becomes for your executives to get to know every one of your employees and vice versa. Giving your executives an opportunity to be on camera and deliver key company messages ensures that your new hires will know and feel more connected to the key members of the executive team.

Reference/Refreshers: The training videos that companies create to on-board new hires can also be used as refresher courses. It is always beneficial to a company’s climate to ensure that all employees are on the same page. In the case of dangerous or complicated occupations, these videos are also vital to maintaining safety and quality standards.

Continuing Education: Companies that promote from within, now have the ability to efficiently continue to train and groom employees for bigger roles with more responsibility. Instead of having to pull a senior level executive off of what he or she is doing, video courses can be administered to provide the education needed to promote an employee to the next level without affecting anyone’s performance.

Affordability: For all of these reasons, video is one of the most useful ways to train employees and to save companies money. The efficiency, ease, consistency and tracking that video and video technology provides helps reduce the high cost associated with on-boarding new hires, and increases the chances that new hires will remain with the company well into the future.

If you don’t have an internal video production team to create effective internal training video content, look for a video production company that specializes in this type of video content for businesses. Because training content is going to evolve and shift over time as your company’s products, services, and messaging change, look for a provider that allows you to affordably and easily update existing content or create new content as things change in your business.

Bolt Video is a video production company that primarily operates in Phoenix, Denver and Colorado Springs. Bolt Video offers an extremely affordable, flexible and fast solution for businesses to create internal training video content. Depending on the complexity of the videos we produce, businesses we’ve worked with have spent anywhere from $60 to a few hundred dollars per training video. Click here to watch one business’s story about their journey to create internal training video content.

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