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We hope you enjoy the content we are putting together for you here!

Check out this brief message from our founder about how Bolt Video is handling the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Check out this thrilling 75 second video highlighting some of the amazing action we had at Bolt Video in 2019!


Bolt Video has come to Austin, TX! Check out these 5 (mildly) interesting and fun facts about Austin video production!

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Want more effective video content? Make sure you create an experience for your viewers that starts with the letter "E".


Bolt Video just launched in Las Vegas, NV and we are excited to roll the dice in our latest city! Check out 5 fun things to know about Las Vegas Video Production!

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Check out this fun video showcasing 15 unique ways your business can be using video to engage better, sell better, on-board better, recruit better, and much more!

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We interview Bolt Video customers to learn about their business and the unique ways that they are using video to help make their business go faster. Available in video and audio podcast.

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We partnered with Colorado Springs ad agency, Newell Ledbetter Advertising, to learn how to get your video content shown on streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Firestick. You have to check it out and get ahead of the crowd!

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We pitted two of our videographers head to head in an old west style shootout to come up with this fun 30 second promo for Bolt Video.

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We created a couple of pieces of informative video content with some people we like at Nuclear Networking, who are experts in SEO. Watch the videos to learn about what SEO really is and why video is a critical element of your businesse's SEO strategy.

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Rebranding our business wasn't an easy decision, but we feel confident that the new brand will represent us and our customers better now and in the future. Click to learn more about why we decided to do it...

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No matter what business you are in, no matter your revenue or your profit margin, if you have employees, you’ve no doubt learned that it's expensive and time consuming to effectively onboard and train new hires. As your business grows...

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We created a fun and informative video with some people we like at Neon Pig Creative, who design effective, gorgeous websites for businesses. Watch the video to hear what they have to say about what makes video work on a website...

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We get it. Putting yourself out there for the world to see you and judge you can be scary. But, if you aren't afraid to meet with people in person then we think these practical tips will help you clear the hurdle with getting over your fear with video!

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The statistics and the stories bear it out. Video is king when it comes to capturing and holding attention on social media. Take a look at some interesting information that highlights some of the platforms your business should be using.

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We had fun creating this post about why to love video, because we love video! Check it out and make sure to let us know if there is anything about video that you think we missed in this post. Feel free to email us or post on our social media pages!

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