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Why Video Works On Websites

We created a fun and informative video with some people we like at Neon Pig Creative, who design effective, gorgeous websites for businesses. Watch the video to hear what they have to say about what makes video work on a website.

Why Video For Websites

Why Video For Websites

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Some of our favorite quotes from the video above about the effectiveness of video on websites are...


"Adding video to a website can add layers of texture, intrigue and engagement."

"(Video) makes really effective home pages and landing pages."


"It makes the user really interested in the website, much more than a static image or just a block of copy would."

"We use video for customers that are both really confident in front of the camera and talk through their different projects really well. It also can be used just as texture. So for instance if you are trying to draw your attention to maybe a testimonial or perhaps the businesses you align with, even just using video that kind of acts as a texture in the background and gives a little bit of motion really does capture your eye and makes you pay attention to the content a little bit more."

"We really encourage them to use video to be able to tell their story."


"Video can really tell more about who they are as a brand and the essence of their voice rather than just stagnant copy or photos on their website."

"One of the most effective ways that you can use video on a website is to help with the bounce rate. So, if visitors are coming to your website or even just a single web page and leaving very quickly, perhaps it's because they are not really being entertained to even get your content. A lot of times clients do have that trouble when it is just a bullet list or a paragraph of text. And so to be able to explain yourself or your product or service through video really will keep them on that site and more than likely help convert them into either giving you that email address or making a purchase."

"We highly recommend using video for all of our clients."


To learn more about the fine people and website design services from Neon Pig Creative, make sure to visit

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