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5 Things About Las Vegas Video Production

(just for fun)

1) What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas. Actually, scratch that one. We're not sure how that applies to doing video production for businesses in Las Vegas.

2) Casino. Great movie about Las Vegas. Doesn't really have anything to do with business video production, other than we also love to create cool videos!

3) A Lot Of Sunshine. Great for putting a smile on a face while people on camera.

4) Las Vegas Is Good For Startups. Las Vegas is proving to be an up and comer on the startup scene...and Bolt Video is a startup that is an up and comer among video production companies!

5) All Cities Like Affordability. Bolt Video's unique model means more affordable Las Vegas Video Production services for businesses in the area! Who doesn't love that! Click here to check out a special introductory offer for Las Vegas businesses to sign up for Bolt Video (offer expires October 31, 2019).

Bolt Video Arrives In Vegas!

Bolt Video Arrives In Vegas!

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