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Bolt Video currently offers services in these cities!

Austin  |  Boulder  |  Colorado Springs

 Denver  |  Las Vegas  |  Phoenix  |  Santa Fe

Denver Video Production

High quality custom video content created for your Denver business at transparent & affordable rates.

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 Reason #1

A More Strategic Approach To Video Production

We'll help you create a plan to get amazing custom video content that aligns with your business goals.

 Reason #2

Discounted Rates For Professional Videography

Our professional videographers come to a location of your choosing and shoot amazing video content for only $200 per hour.

Reason #3

Super Affordable Professionally Edited Videos

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Can we watch some sample videos Bolt Video has made?

Bolt Video Demo Reel
Bolt Video 2019 Action Highlights
Just Want To Say

Yes, below are several examples...we'll be happy to share more upon request.

What's included in the Bolt Video new customer onboarding?

Your Bolt Video new customer onboarding will include a one hour video call whereby...

  1. We'll discuss your business goals.

  2. We'll provide video ideas to use with your Bolt Video Membership to help achieve those goals.

  3. We'll document your branding preferences.

  4. We'll set up your Bolt Video Customer Portal and prepare you to begin using Bolt Video.

  5. We'll create a Video Roadmap to help you stay on track with your strategy.

  6. We'll make sure you are comfortable and ready to start getting great value with Bolt Video!

What happens if we cancel our monthly subscription?

If you cancel your monthly subscription, you'll lose your Bolt Video Rewards. Also, should you every want to reactivate your Bolt Video Membership in the future, you'll need to pay the $300 onboarding fee again.

Will our business own the video content Bolt Video creates?

Yes. You'll own all of the raw footage we capture for you and all of the edited videos we create for you. Forever.

Can we get some help with pre-production if we need it?

Yes, prior to scheduling a video shoot with Bolt Video, you'll have the option to schedule a pre-production meeting (phone call or video call) with Bolt Video. During this meeting, we will discuss potential video ideas and help you make a plan to to properly prepare for your video shoot. You will be charged a non-refundable $50 at the completion of the pre-production meeting, but that $50 will be credited back to you when you schedules your video shoot following the pre-production meeting. 

Can we use Bolt Video for only videography services or only editing services?

Yes, you can use Bolt Video for just videography or just editing services. Most of our customers use us for both.

What does the videography service include?

When you use Bolt Video for videography, you'll schedule a video shoot with us at a date, time, and location of your choosing. Videography rates are $200 per hour (with an hour minimum), so long as you use Bolt Video’s editing services to create at least one edited video from your video shoot. (If you want videography ONLY for a given video shoot, then the rate is $250 per hour).


Our videographer will bring their professional camera, lighting and audio equipment to you (we can also supply a teleprompter and a solid black or white background if you'd like to have either). We'll help direct the shoot and capture footage to make sure you and your business look and sound great.

If you wish to have more than one camera and/or more than one videographer to shoot footage concurrently, then you may request that. Rates for an additional videographer simply double the videography cost per hour. Rates for a single videographer with an additional camera(s) adds an additional $100 per hour, per camera to the videographer rate.

Can we use a drone to capture video footage?

Yes, if we have a drone pilot available in your area. The time we are flying the drone for you just counts as videography time, the same as it does for your on ground video shoots.

Where are your videography services available?

Bolt Video's full video production service and videography only service are currently available in Austin, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Santa Fe. We are planning to expand to many more cities in 2020 and beyond. You can use our videography services in any of the cities in which we operate.

What's included in an edited video?

When we create edited videos for you, any or all of the following elements can be included in your just depends on what you want.​