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Get Your Videos Seen On Apple TV, Roku, & Amazon Fire Stick!

There is a wave of new media that is sweeping across living rooms in the United States and worldwide. If you haven't already cut the cable cord yourself and started watching video content on streaming devices, chances are you will soon! Watch the video below that we made for our friends at Newell Ledbetter Advertising to help educate you on what Over The Top (OTT) advertising is and why streaming media, and streaming media advertising, isn't just the future, it's now. They also offer some good advice on how to get your videos seen on OTT streaming devices.

Below are some of our favorite quotes from the video!

"OTT or Over The Top is a term used to refer to delivering your message to your target demo through streaming devices used every day".

"The way we watch TV is changing!...Seventy eight percent have an OTT subscription; Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Smart TV, Amazon fire TV, Xbox or PS4".


"Sixty three percent of households have two or more OTT services."

"Millennials aren’t the only ones that stream. IN FACT every age group is streaming...more than sixty percent of OTT users are adults between twenty-five and fifty-four.."

"Streaming TV is the second most watched type of video in the living room. And, we’re not just talking about streaming Netflix, with today’s capabilities people are streaming as many 125 channels of content".

"If you are interested in getting your business’s video content seen by people who are watching TV on their Roku, Apple TV, or their Amazon Fire Stick, then look for a marketing partner that can help you target the right audience at scale, because not all ad solutions are the same".

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