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Why We Changed Our Name To Bolt Video

What do the companies Backrub, Brad's Drink, Blue Ribbon Sports, and Relentless all have in common? They all started their company under one name and changed it to something else a short time this case to Google, Pepsi, Nike, and Amazon respectively.

When we started Vizoodeo in 2016, we loved the name and thought it was a cool intersection of the words Video and Zoo. While we got many compliments on the creativity of the name and the branding, there were some reasons for us to re-brand to a new simple company name, and we fell in love with Bolt Video. Watch the videos below so you can see one of the primary reasons we made the name change, and how we announced the name change to our customers. Hopefully these videos give you a good laugh or two as well. 

Why Our Name Is Changing!

Why Our Name Is Changing!

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