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The Power Of Disposable Video

Did you see the video and the story about the airline that dragged one of its customers off the plane? The story is awful and totally shocking! However, this story, and others like it that we see every day (both good and bad) illustrate the power in being able to capture people's mind-share by using disposable video. Click below to watch and learn about the tremendous opportunity that you have for your business with disposable video!

Here is a transcript of the video...

I’d guess by now that you’ve seen the video and read the story about the airline that violently dragged one of its customers off the plane yesterday because his name had been drawn to give up his seat to an airline crew member.

This story is just one example of how people today consume media on a daily basis, much of it having to do with the trending topics of the day or the week (whether good or bad) that make for interesting water cooler talk or an interesting share on social media.

Like the airline story, more and more of the media that is consumed is online and has a large video element to it, as VIDEO has become an integral part of how these stories get shared and debated. And then typically what happens, in the next day or the next week, is that a new trending topic arises and people, for a lack of a better term, dispose of the old video content and move on to something more fresh and new.

If you agree with the fact that people have a voracious appetite for media, and for video in particular, and you also agree that people are quick to move on to the next thing, then you should be asking yourself how your company can benefit from creating disposable Video Content that pulls people in and behaves similarly to the trending topics that everyone is talking about on Facebook and Twitter and

One way to do it is to draw parallels between trending topics and your company (and ride the momentum of the trending story). I can actually see a funny and creative video where we stage one of your customers being pulled out of your place of business, only to cut to you on camera letting your customers know that is not how you do business.

Or perhaps it is something as simple as a video that ties your message to a Holiday or an event that is coming up…a timely video to share with your customers to let them know you are thinking of them or have something to offer them.

If you think about and embrace the idea of video as being disposable, in the sense that some videos can absolutely be created with a short shelf life in mind, then you have opened up a world of possibilities for how video can be used to tell your stories and create more conversations more frequently with your customers and prospective customers.

If you are interested in how you can afford to create disposable video content, then make sure to check out visit to learn about our $59 professional video offer!

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