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Businesses Who Should Use Video More Often

If you aren't yet convinced of the awesome power of video to tell your business stories, then make sure to click here to see some of the stats that back it up. If you already know that video is the bomb, and you simply aren't sure if it would be right for your type of business, then check out this video that highlights 11 types of businesses that could tell great stories with video!

The types of businesses that are featured in this video are listed below. If you don't see your type of business featured in this video, it doesn't mean your business shouldn't consider video...if your business has customers and has a story to tell, video is likely a great way to tell it.

Companies That Can Benefit from Video Marketing

  1. Country clubs

  2. Heating and Air contractors

  3. Places of worship

  4. Car dealerships

  5. Bars

  6. Business Services

  7. Casinos

  8. Medical Practices

  9. Restaurants

  10. Health clubs

  11. Landscapers


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