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5 Reasons To Use A Drone For Your Business Videos

We love using video to connect and communicate with our customers and are working hard to spread that passion we have for video to businesses everywhere. It's not just on-ground video that can tell a great story though! Check out these 5 reasons that illustrate where a drone could be a great way to highlight your business.

Reason # 1: When you want to change the perspective of your outside space. One of the coolest things about drone video is that you can see things like you've never seen them before. Imagine how cool your business will look from all of the angles that are available to capture only with a drone.

Reason # 2: When you want to follow a moving target. If you have a reason to capture and follow a moving target like a vehicle to help tell your story, a drone can be an awe-inspiring way to do that. Check this out this video we we did for one of our customers that involves a drone following a vehicle.

Reason # 3: When you want to capture an event. You've got a really cool event happening that you want to capture and highlight. Think golf tournament, outdoor party, or charity event. The drone is going to make your event look awesome and get people more excited about it for next year!

Reason # 4: Location! Location! Location! If you are in the real estate business and you want to inspire and educate potential buyers, then you should definitely consider drone video as a key component of your storytelling about the property you are trying to move.

Reason # 5: When you want to highlight the beauty of your surroundings. If you live in a beautiful place like we do in Colorado, there are so many amazing shots of your surroundings that can add to your business's overall message. Check out this video we did to show off the Vizoodeo-Mobile and a little bit of Colorado beauty.

The challenge that most businesses have with the idea of getting drone video footage produced is that it can be really expensive! Not with Vizoodeo though! Our amazingly affordable video content creation services make even drone video super affordable.


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